Welcome To Mahatma Gandhi Museum

" My Life is My Message" - Mohandas K. Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Museum is a tribute to 'Father of the nation' Gandhiji who fought for freedom of our motherland with weapons like "Satya" (Truth) and "Ahimsa" (Non- Violence). Gandhiji observed 11 vows as a core of all religions and showed a new path of life to the world.

Ticket Rate Chart & Information For Visitors

Sr. No. Ticket Name Ticket Rate (Rs.)
1 Museum Tickets - 3 Year to 12 Year (Per Children) 10
2 Museum Tickets - Above 12 Year (Per Person) 25
3 Light & Sound Show 3 Years to 12 Year (Per Children) 10
4 Light & Sound Show Above 12 Year (Per Person) 25
5 Foreign Visitor 400
6 Static Camera 100
7 Professional Camera 400
  • Museum Timing: 10:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Museum Ticket Booking Timing: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
  • Light & Sound Show Timing : 7:30PM
  • Every Monday Museum will remain closed for visitors.
  • After purchasing ticket for Museum Visit, visitor has to enter in Museum for visit before 6:00PM, After 6:00PM, even ticket holder will not be allowed to enter for visit into Museum for visit under any circumstances
  • Any visitor who has purchased a ticket for the museum will need to buy a separate ticket for the 'Light and Sound' show.
  • If any visitor wishes to watch only 'Light & Sound' show, he/she has to purchase 'Light & Sound' ticket before 6:00PM.